how to stop pillows from sliding around your bed
how to stop pillows from sliding around your bed

We all love a cozy and comfortable bed, but there’s nothing more frustrating than waking up in the middle of the night to find all our pillows scattered across the bed. Tossing and turning can cause pillows to slide around, disrupting our sleep and leaving us feeling restless. Luckily, there are simple solutions to keep those pillows in place, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. In this article, we will explore some tried and tested methods to stop pillows from sliding around your bed, leaving you with a well-organized and dream-worthy sleep haven.

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Choose the Right Pillowcase Material

When it comes to preventing your pillows from sliding around your bed, one factor to consider is the material of your pillowcase. Different materials have varying levels of slipperiness and grip, which can greatly affect the stability of your pillows.

Consider Satin or Silk Pillowcases for Extra Slippery Fabrics

If you have pillows made of slippery fabrics such as silk or satin, using pillowcases made of the same materials can help prevent them from sliding around. Satin and silk have a smooth texture that reduces friction with your pillow, making it less likely to shift or move during the night. The slippery surface of these pillowcases creates a strong grip and keeps your pillows in place.

Opt for Cotton or Flannel Pillowcases for Better Grip

On the other hand, if your pillows have a tendency to slide due to a lack of grip, cotton or flannel pillowcases can be a great choice. Cotton and flannel have a slightly rougher texture compared to satin or silk, providing more friction and grip between your pillow and the pillowcase. This extra traction helps to keep your pillows secure and prevents them from sliding around during the night.

Secure Your Mattress Pad or Topper

Another way to prevent your pillows from sliding around is by ensuring that your mattress pad or topper remains in place. When your mattress pad or topper shifts, it can create a slippery surface that causes your pillows to slide.

Use Anti-Slip Mattress Pads or Gripper Sheets

One effective solution is to use anti-slip mattress pads or gripper sheets. These specially designed pads or sheets feature a non-slip surface on one side and securely attach to your mattress. The non-slip surface creates friction that prevents your mattress pad or topper from moving, which in turn helps to keep your pillows in place.

Attach Velcro Strips or Hook-and-Loop Tape to Keep Everything in Place

Another option to secure your mattress pad or topper is to attach velcro strips or hook-and-loop tape. By applying velcro strips or hook-and-loop tape on both your mattress and the underside of your mattress pad or topper, you can firmly connect the two surfaces. This connection minimizes any slipping or shifting, providing a stable base for your pillows.

Utilize Pillowcase Fasteners or Clips

To prevent your pillows from sliding around, utilizing pillowcase fasteners or clips can be an effective solution. These handy accessories help to keep your pillowcases securely in place, reducing the risk of your pillows shifting during the night.

Use Pillow Grips or Fasteners to Keep Pillowcases Secure

Pillow grips or fasteners are small clips or bands that attach to your pillowcase, holding it tightly in place. These grips or fasteners are typically placed on the corners of your pillowcase and help to hold it securely onto your pillow. By preventing your pillowcase from slipping, they also ensure that your pillows stay in position throughout the night.

Try Elastic Bands or Sheet Straps to Hold Pillows in Place

Another option for securing your pillowcases is to use elastic bands or sheet straps. These can be wrapped around your pillows, holding the pillowcases tightly in place. Elastic bands or sheet straps are adjustable, allowing you to achieve the desired level of tension to prevent your pillows from sliding.

Invest in Pillow Grippers or Non-Slip Mats

For additional stability and grip, investing in pillow grippers or non-slip mats can make a significant difference. These products work by creating a strong grip between your pillows and the surface they rest on, reducing any movement or sliding.

Use Non-Slip Mats or Grippers Underneath Your Pillow

Non-slip mats or grippers can be placed directly under your pillows to keep them from sliding. These mats are often made from a rubber or silicone material and have a sticky surface that adheres to your bedding or mattress. By providing an extra layer of grip, non-slip mats or grippers ensure that your pillows stay in place even during restless nights.

Consider Sticky Gel or Adhesive Strips for Extra Security

If non-slip mats or grippers are not suitable for your needs, consider using sticky gel or adhesive strips. These products adhere to the underside of your pillows and create a strong bond with the surface they rest on. Sticky gel or adhesive strips provide a secure grip, preventing your pillows from sliding or shifting.

Fold and Tuck Pillowcases

A simple and effective method to keep your pillows from sliding around is to fold and tuck your pillowcases. This technique helps to secure the excess fabric of the pillowcase, preventing it from slipping or moving during the night.

Fold and Tuck Excess Pillowcase Fabric Underneath the Pillow

When making your bed, fold the excess fabric of the pillowcase underneath the pillow. By folding the fabric and tucking it tightly under the pillow, you create a secure hold that prevents the pillowcase from slipping or shifting. This method works particularly well with pillowcases made of materials that provide grip, such as cotton or flannel.

Securely Tuck the Pillowcase Behind the Pillow

Another option is to tuck the entire pillowcase behind the pillow. This method effectively secures the pillowcase and prevents it from sliding, as the pillow itself acts as a barrier and anchor. Tuck the pillowcase tightly behind the entire length of the pillow, ensuring a snug fit that keeps it in place.

Tie or Secure Pillows with Ribbons or Strings

Adding a decorative touch to your bed while keeping your pillows in place is easily achieved by tying ribbons or strings around them. This method not only ensures that your pillows remain stationary but also adds a visually appealing element to your bedding.

Tie a Ribbon or String around the Middle of Your Pillow

Select a ribbon or string that complements your bedding and wrap it around the middle of your pillow. Tie a secure knot or a bow to hold the ribbon or string in place. This technique provides a physical barrier that prevents your pillows from sliding or moving around the bed.

Create Fabric Loops or Pockets to Hold Pillows in Place

Another option is to create fabric loops or pockets on your pillowcases to hold your pillows in place. Sew small fabric loops or pockets onto the open edge of your pillowcases and insert your pillows into them. This method ensures a snug fit and prevents your pillows from sliding or shifting during the night.

Utilize a Headboard or Bed Frame

If you have a headboard or bed frame, you can utilize these features to help prevent your pillows from sliding around. These elements create a stable environment for your pillows, reducing the risk of movement during the night.

Push Your Pillows against the Headboard or Wall

When arranging your pillows, push them firmly against the headboard or wall behind your bed. The headboard or wall serves as a natural barrier that helps keep your pillows in position. By resting your pillows against a solid surface, you minimize the chances of them sliding or shifting.

Utilize a Bed Frame with Side Rails or Guardrails

If your bed has a frame with side rails or guardrails, take advantage of these features to secure your pillows. Place your pillows between the side rails or guardrails, ensuring a snug fit that prevents movement. The frame acts as a sturdy boundary that keeps your pillows from sliding around, offering increased stability.

Use Pillow Stoppers or Bolsters

To further enhance the stability of your pillows, using pillow stoppers or bolsters can be an excellent solution. These accessories work by adding a physical barrier to prevent your pillows from shifting or sliding.

Place Pillow Stoppers on Both Sides of Your Pillow

Pillow stoppers are small cushions or wedges that can be placed on both sides of your pillow. These stoppers act as buffers and create a barrier that prevents your pillow from moving during the night. Simply position the pillow stoppers against your pillow to ensure stability throughout your sleep.

Consider Using a Bolster Pillow for Extra Stability

Another option is to choose a bolster pillow to replace or supplement your regular pillows. Bolster pillows are long cylindrical cushions that provide added support and stability. The shape and design of bolster pillows naturally prevent them from sliding or shifting, offering a reliable solution to keep your pillows in place.

Try Anti-Slip Rug Grippers or Drawer Liners

If you find that your pillows tend to slide due to the smoothness of your bedding or mattress, anti-slip rug grippers or drawer liners can be a valuable tool. These materials are often designed to prevent rugs or drawer contents from slipping and can be repurposed to keep your pillows securely in place.

Place Anti-Slip Rug Grippers or Drawer Liners underneath Your Pillows

Cutting anti-slip rug grippers or drawer liners to fit the size of your pillows and placing them underneath can create a stable foundation. The grip provided by these materials adds friction between your pillows and the bedding or mattress, making it more difficult for them to slide.

Cut and Customize the Grippers to Fit Your Pillow Sizes

When using anti-slip rug grippers or drawer liners, it is essential to customize them to fit the specific dimensions of your pillows. Measure your pillows and cut the grippers or liners accordingly before placing them underneath. This customization ensures optimal grip and stability, preventing any unwanted movement or sliding.

Consider Using Pillow Sprays or Scented Sachets

In addition to physical methods and accessories, incorporating scented elements into your bedding can also contribute to preventing your pillows from sliding. Pillow sprays and scented sachets not only provide a delightful fragrance but also enhance grip and stability.

Spray a Light Mist of Pillow Spray onto Your Pillowcases

Pillow sprays are specially formulated to add a pleasant scent to your pillows, but some also contain ingredients that create a light tackiness. Lightly mist your pillowcases with a pillow spray, focusing on the areas where your pillows come into contact with the fabric. The slight stickiness created by the spray helps to keep your pillows in place.

Place Scented Sachets between Your Pillows for a Natural Grip

Scented sachets not only add a subtle fragrance to your bedding but can also provide a natural grip between your pillows. Place scented sachets between your pillows to create a barrier that reduces sliding and ensures stability. Opt for sachets made from materials with a slightly rough texture to maximize their gripping properties.

By implementing these various methods and techniques, you can effectively prevent your pillows from sliding around your bed. Whether it’s adjusting your pillowcase material, securing your mattress pad or topper, utilizing accessories, or incorporating scented elements, there are numerous approaches to ensure a stable and comfortable sleeping environment. Experiment with different strategies to find the combination that works best for you and say goodbye to constantly readjusting your pillows.

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